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Through a matrix of right brain avenues running through left brain streets, welcome to my neighborhood - better known as ENIGMAGINATION.

Enigmagination is the overall, overly creative full service graphic design and consulting spark in the dark of Lawrence Q. Markx. With vast Renaissance Man experience, to the nth degree, in product development, branding and identity, copy writing, trademarking, tattooing, pastry chefing, philosophizing and everything in between, Mr. Markx's confidence in his design work is as strong as his confidence in his ability to knowingly make up words like "chefing" and "philosophizing" just because he can. It's called creative license, and Lawrence Markx and his Enigmagination is a fully licensed card carrying member!

As the motto goes - "Designing the Box to Think Outside of"Enigmagination has no limits in its ability to come up with ideas that will separate you for the rest, which is how Enigmagination feels about itself - separate from the rest! Enigmagination does make sure the box looks really, really, super nice though, while busy looking at it from the outside while thinking up the next great idea. Quite frankly, in layman's terms: If you can think of "it", Enigmagination can design "it"... BUT, if you can't think of "it", Enigmagination can help you in the thinking of "it", and then work on the design of "it". Even if you only have a fraction of an idea, allow Enigmagination to work its ad libbing magic to help you decipher the "fill in the blanks" to obtain a diamond in the rough kind of idea!

Enigmagination is not just another random, generic, garden variety design company - otherwise, the name would be "Larry's Graphic Design". The fact is that Enigmagination is more than just about designs - Mr. Markx THINKS about what will make his designs for his customers produce the highest positive response for all. Enigmagination is MINDFULL of its work - so much that it would give an average person a headache to carry around so much creativity in their skulls.

With that, Enigmagination looks forward to the opportunity of working with you in the development of masterpieces. Please enjoy this site and browse through the gallery section, read up on Mr. Markx's experience, and contact Enigmagination have you any questions whatsoever.

Note: I have a great wit about me... The only thing I take serious in life is my work (and family). Otherwise, I find that satire and wit keep me on my toes and makes me a better artist and person overall. You will find this wit throughout the site, which I respect as not being "corporate". I respond to that idea as saying that I am not "corporate" - I am a creative artist who happens to do a lot of work for the "corporate" world, and thus, with that, I don't feel obligated to have to wear a shirt and tie. Working with Enigmagination is about finding someone who can turn your dreams and desires into graphic realities with creatives that surpass those initial dreams. I am that guy, very frankly, or Markxly for that matter!

My resume' / experience in a nutshell:

Real Word / Functional Graphic Design Experience since 2003 (easier to put an actual year than to put the number of years that will always change) as Creative Director for (overlap and simultaneousness in tenure):

1) Vapor Corp. (VPCO) - The largest and first publicly traded electronic cigarette company in the U.S., with multiple, successfully branded e-cig lines available across the world: Fifty-One®, Krave®, VaporX®, Alternacig®, Hookah Stix®.

2) Flash Sales - Manufacturer and Distributor of many consumer based novelty / fad / trendy products, including products for the following brands / licenses: Bob Marley, Ed Hardy, Lowrider, WWE, TapOut, Cheech & Chong, Guy Harvey, Budweiser Racing, US Army Racing, Corona, Sandals / Beaches Resorts, Zippo, Radio City Music Hall, Ritz Carlton and others.

3) InGear Fashions - Manufacturer of Licensed Swimwear, including Guy Harvey, Bob Marley, DC Comics, Coca-Cola, True Religion, Jessica Simpson, Playboy, Betty Boop, Corona, and others.

Additionally, Exclusive Designer for Fierce Products / McMillin Imports - Manufacturer and Distributor of Products for Duck Commander, Buck Commander, Long Leaf Camo, Realtree Camo, Wildgame Innovations, and others.

Also currently serve as Chief Marketing Officer (on voluntary role) for non-profit 501C(3): SWAT LIFE: Brothers for Adversity®

University degree in Psychology with extensive study in other social sciences (political science, sociology, philosophy) - allows me to better understand the consumers' and clients' minds.

Training in Culinary Arts with emphasis on Pastry... SWEET!

Former Tattoo Artist - learned graphic design as a byproduct of becoming a better tattoo artist.

Oh yeah, I happened to have also written and published a book: THE Evidence of a Cluttered Mind... Wrathematics; An Army of One. If you can't tell, I excell at creative copy writing.

Husband and father of two beautiful girls.

How does any of that translate to Graphic Design? Some of the greatest artists EVER were Renaissance Men who did a little bit of everything.

Request a formal resume to really know the nitty-gritty of my experience? If so, don't hesitate to ask and I shall provide!

Images and products are the sole property of and owned by those companies / customers who have used the creative services of Enigmagination. These images should not be copied, duplicated, distributed and/or used without the written consent of all parties (company / customer and designer, Lawrence Markx).